Why should I use TOXYScreen Test Kits?

Using our kits will give you peace of mind and alert you if there is a problem. Lead, mercury and other heavy metals are potentially deadly elements that can cause a host of health problems. Often the symptoms of both lead and mercury poisoning are misdiagnosed, and patients may receive the wrong treatment. For more information, please click here.


How is someone exposed to lead or mercury?

Many people are exposed to these elements and don’t even know it. Older homes often contain paint and water pipes that are laced with lead. Mercury is found in “silver” dental filings and has also been used as a preservative in some medications. Both lead and mercury are environmental pollutants. Eating fish from streams polluted with mercury is a common source of mercury poisoning.


Who should I purchase a TOXYScreen kit for?

Anyone you love! You should purchase a kit for your family and friends, especially if they work in industry or live in an older home. It is particularly important to test children less than 12 years old, since lead poisoning and exposure to mercury can cause developmental delays and serious, life-long health problems.


Are TOXYScreen kits accurate?

Yes! Our kits are accurate. The oral fluids found at the gum line contain trace amounts of blood plasma. With today’s advances in technology there is more than enough blood present on a sample to accurately measure Lead (PB), Mercury(Hg) Cadmium(Cd) and Arsenic(As). The Center for Disease Control is currently evaluating our testing procedure, and many doctors are recommending our oral tests as an inexpensive and pain-free alternative to traditional blood tests. For more information about the accuracy of the Toxyscreen test, click on this link and refer to page 1. http://www.clintox.org/NACCT/2013/NAACT2013_Poster_Sessions_I.pdf


What are TOXYScreen’s credentials?

Working Under the Direction of Georgia Department of Human Services Lead Program Director. (Project Number 070205) a Double Blind Clinical Trial, the first of its kind in Oral Fluid Testing, was completed.  Using Toxyscreen, a product of OFT Labs LLC patented technology, the trials were performed at Emory University Hospital, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, at Hughes Spalding Atlanta, Georgia (Emory IRB 00004315) together with University of Massachusetts Boston.

The aim of this study Evaluating Oral Fluid as a Screening Tool for Lead Poisoning was to compare the efficacy of the oral fluid test to the venous blood lead test which has served as the gold standard for lead testing.

The Conclusions is that Oral fluid appears to be a reliable medium to use when screening children for lead exposure for levels < 4 µg/dL. Oral fluid lead levels ≥ 4 µg/dL should be confirmed by a venous blood sample. The convenience of lead screening by measurement of oral fluid should improve our screening success by reducing parental refusal and eliminating inability to obtain an adequate blood sample.

OFT Laboratory under patent No.7829340 oral fluid assays for the detection of certain heavy metal exposure has implemented a one year pilot project with the University of Massachusetts Boston Environmental Analytical Facility for the purpose of exploring further benefits of oral fluid technology.


Are there any areas of the country that are not able to receive a Toxyscreen screening kit?

There are six states, that due to current state regulations, are not able to receive kits. They are as follows:

1.      California

2.      Florida

3.      New York

4.      Rhode Island

5.      Tennessee

6.      Maryland