Our Story

Meet Ed and Gene, the founders of OFT Labs and creators of a revolutionary testing method that will nullify the need for blood draws for heavy metal testing, replacing it with an oral fluid swab test.

These two South Jersey natives have been best friends since Kindergarten.  That’s right, they knew each other way back when stick-ball was the game to play and they remember the first person that had a TV on their block.  Marriages, children, career changes, life changes, and now grandchildren:  they have weathered them together through decades of friendship.

These guys have vast life experiences between the two of them. They have job skills and training that cover the gambit from studying heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration together at Camden County Vocational and Technical School; to serving six years together in the United States Air Force.  They have both worked blue-collar jobs as low-man on the totem pole and both excelled: Gene as a union boilermaker and Ed as a member of the International Union of Elevator Constructors. has7e59yqfzzv6wckvfe They also shared the unfortunate experience of suffering serious accidents on the job.  Early on, this raised worker safety as an issue that hit close to home for them both, and eventually inspired them to become business partners as well.  When you meet someone who is inspired by life’s challenges, you know it’s because of a certain passion in their step, a devotion in the way they share their story.  Meet Ed and Gene, and you’ll see this passion in action.

Driven by their dedication to make safer working conditions in jobs like the ones they held, through the years both Ed and Gene dedicated themselves to continual learning, gaining the technical training to match their experiences, both personal and professional.  Gene became a Certified Safety Instructor for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and took a pulmonary function training course.  Ed attended Camden County College and earned two associates degrees: one in liberal arts and one in computer science.  He also became a certified EMT and volunteered with a local ambulance squad.

Ground Zero 9/11 Elwell and staff was called to New York City to assist a client called to be a part in the rescue of survivors at the World Trade Center attack, American Medical Compliance Testing (AMCT) prior to OFT Labs LLC provided Pulmonary Function/Respirator fit test and Heavy Metals blood test (OSHA) required for the personnel taking part in the rescue/recovery. Being a part of this tragic ATTACK to our Great Nation and the lives of so many American’s was the most earth shattering experience I will ever have and never forget.


Ed and Gene are big dreamers or visionaries, and they searched and researched until they found solutions to problems they experienced in worker safety.  Ed and Gene share decades of friendship and partnership, and an unparalleled energy about drug and heavy metal testing.  While we stand on the brink of an industry change about how testing is done, that energy is contagious.